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How to Choose Your Perfect Sports Bra!

ALL women of every SHAPE and size deserve to feel supported, confident and beautiful. Changing lives one sports bra at a time.

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Is Your Sports Bra Really Giving You Your Best Support?

Your breasts deserve better than suffering through a bouncy workout. You'll feel more comfortable, confident and better able to focus on your workout once you discover your perfect fitting sports bra.

Plus, you should know that every time you run in an unsupportive athletic bra, you're doing irreversible damage that will cause your poor boobs to sag in defeat later in life!

Remember: Bouncy Boobs Today = Saggy Boobs Tomorrow.
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you're properly protecting the
future of your breasts.

Fitting Room Confidentials:
Tips for Giving Your Girls the Support They Deserve!

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Still Have Questions About Your Best Fitting Sports Bra?

Moving Comfort Fiona BraWhat are Some Great Sports Bras
for Larger Breasts?
We larger breasted ladies know all too well how hard it is to focus on your run when the girls are getting bounced around! Say "bye, bye" to back pain, chest pain and wearing multiple sports bras to get enough support. You can find comfortable, adequate support for larger breasts.

Watch this video to learn about Amazing Support for Large Breasts.
More sports bras you'll love: Moving Comfort® Juno, Moving Comfort® Maia II, Champion® Powerback Underwire, Glamorise® Double Layer Custom Control
Moving Comfort Alexis BraHow Can I Lose the "High Beams"
& Lock-in More Support?
"High beams" don't have to be a part of your workout thanks to the new innovation of molded cup sports bras. You'll secure more shape and encapsulated support from a padded sports bra, which means enhanced comfort, added support and no more uniboob!

Watch the video to learn about your soon-to-be-favorite Moving Comfort® Alexis Bra.
Sports bras worth checking out: Moving Comfort® Vixen, Moving Comfort® Vero, Champion® Shape T Back, Moving Comfort® Juno
How Can I Sneak in More Lift and
Shape from my Sports Bra?
Feel feminine and look fabulous when you workout in an underwire sports bra, enjoying the lift and shape you usually only get from a lingerie bra. Plus, these athletic bras feature soft and flexible underwires and reinforced stitching to make sure that wire never takes a poke at you during your workout!
Must-try underwire bras that will get you uplifted for your next workout: Moving Comfort® Maia II, Moving Comfort® Divine Mesh, Champion® Powerback Underwire Sports Bra
What's the Advantage of Front
Closure Sports Bras?
Getting in and out of your sports bra shouldn't be the most challenging part of your workout! Stop struggling and start shopping from our wide-selection of front closure athletic bras. You'll find these are also a great option if you're getting back to working out after a shoulder injury or breast surgery.
Bras that win the award for easy on/off: Moving Comfort® Grace, CW-X® Xtempo and ASICS® Lock Zip.
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