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Best Running Shoes for Men

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Mens 361 Degrees Sensation 4 Running Shoe

3 colors

Mens 361 Degrees Meraki 2 Running Shoe

3 colors

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Mens 361 Degrees Strata 3 Running Shoe

3 colors

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1 Review
Mens 361 Degrees Bio-Speed 2 Running Shoe

1 colors

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Mens 361 Degrees Feisu Running Shoe

2 colors

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Mens 361 Degrees Soulmate 3 Running Shoe

1 colors

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Mens 361 Degrees Feisu 2 Running Shoe

1 colors

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Mens 361 Degrees Pacer ST Running Shoe

1 colors

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8 Results

How long do running shoes last?

It depends on your usage and care, but running shoes will typically last between four and six months for runners who log an average of 20 miles a week. Men's running shoes are designed to be versatile enough for the gym, road running, and casual activity, but overusing them on track or trail can shorten their lifespan. These are tough surfaces that require specific materials and construction that you don't usually see in a typical running shoe.

If you like to alternate your running routes between terrain, you might consider getting a dedicated pair of trail running shoes or track shoes instead. This way, you can make sure that you're using each pair on its intended terrain. Cleaning and drying your running shoes is also important to lengthening their lifespan.

How should running shoes fit?

The ideal men's running shoe fits snugly in the heel and the midfoot to provide stability and speed, but leaves enough room for toes to splay naturally in the toe box. Since your feet tend to swell when you're active, you'll want to consider that while you shop for the best fit.

We recommend going up half a size from your true foot size to give yourself a little extra space for comfortable movement. We've also included product-specific sizing guidelines to help your search. For additional sizing recommendations, visit us in store or give us a call!

How to choose running shoes

In addition to sizing, consider your body's needs as well as your preferred terrain and average mileage. While running shoes are fairly versatile, certain men's running shoes are designed specifically for runners who need a little extra stability or cushioning, while others are less so. As you're choosing a style, think about what support you need, how active you are, and where you typically train.

If you find yourself training at the gym more than the road, we'd recommend checking out cross training shoes that typically have a flatter outsole that's perfect for weightlifting and agility training.

If you're on a mission to beat your best times, a lightweight running shoe may be what your training regimen is missing. Whatever it is that you're racing toward, our selection is sure to include a running shoe that suits your training and style preferences.

To help you find the right running shoe, we've included detailed descriptions of our products along with customer reviews, so you can see what other runners have found when sporting each shoe.

When to replace running shoes

Whether you're talking about men's running shoes or women's running shoes, the signs of wear and tear are the same. Some common signs that your running shoes should be replaced are:

  • When your feet feel flat and you're no longer getting responsiveness in the midsole.
  • When you're feeling aches and pains that weren't happening before.
  • When the soles are visibly worn out.

Your running shoes should always feel comfortable and supportive, so when they're lacking in these areas, it may be time for a refresh.