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ASICS Running Shoes

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Mens ASICS GEL-DS Trainer 24 Running Shoe

3 colors

Womens ASICS GEL-DS Trainer 24 Running Shoe

3 colors

2 Results

How Do ASICS Sneakers Use Science To Enhance My Performance?

To deliver the best results possible, ASICS athletic shoes are put through rigorous rounds of research and testing before being released to the public. In 1990 ASICS opened the Research Institute of Sports Science in Kobe, Japan. Equipped with an all-weather running track, sports courts, high-tech equipment, and powerful computer software, the Institute's single goal is to help athletes of all skill levels reach their highest potential. For example, a test of ASICS trail runners involves months of performance exams, redesigns, and statistical analysis. The moment you slip on a pair stylish pair of black ASICS running shoes, you'll be able to feel the difference as decades of science guide your stride.

What Can I Expect from a Pair of ASICS?

When it comes to the perfect shoe, you want to look out for two things: ride and weight. ASICS has engineered each pair of shoe to deliver a different underfoot feeling depending on your athletic needs. Technology is at the core of each pair of kicks, and you can always count on ASICS running sneakers to be #1 when it comes to the latest and greatest in athletic innovation. Both ASICS running shoes for men and ASICS running shoes for women can help take any athlete to their peak performance.

What Other Brands are Similar to ASICS Running Shoes?

Don't sweat it if ASICS running sneakers aren't quite what you're looking for. Here at Road Runner Sports, we know that what's best for one athlete doesn't mean it's best for another. For runners who need extreme motion control, we offer the best New Balance running sneakers to help correct any problems associated with overpronation. Like ASICS, New Balance puts the performance of their athletes before anything else. If you're interested in a shoe that transitions easily from a H.I.T. class to a happy hour like the ASICS running shoes do, try a pair of Adidas. Our vast assortment of styles and color schemes in both women's and men's Adidas running sneakers is guaranteed to enhance your wardrobe when you're at the gym or out on the town